Safe Travels: A look at Omega Mart's COVID protocols
Spacious, sanitized and safe – the worlds’ greatest superstore has taken every precaution to make your experience in our Las Vegas exhibit serene.
Meow Wolf
February 19, 2021

Like any other window, Omega Mart is best looked at when clean -- especially in the age of COVID-19.

Thankfully, that’s where Meow Wolf shines. Before we open our doors, we’d like to let you in on how Omega Mart was designed to keep you safe while you peruse our aisles and explore strange new worlds.

Photo by Kate Russell

Face Masks

They’re not just for hockey players anymore!

Even though you may feel like you’re in another dimension, Omega Mart is technically incorporated in the State of Nevada, where face coverings are required for all visitors and residents.

Photo by Kate Russell

Temperature Checks

There will be non-invasive thermal camera temperature checks at the entrance of AREA15, the home of Omega Mart. Anyone displaying a temperature over 100.4°F (38°C) will not be allowed entry, including their entire party. We are happy to refund or reschedule you for a later date at no additional cost. No refunds or exchanges for tickets purchased on Third Party ticket websites. Please contact the third-party ticket seller directly with any questions, refund requests, etc.

Capacity Limit

Our capacity for people is limited, but our capacity for fun isn’t. Omega Mart abides by the current Nevada requirements limiting capacity – this means there’s more room to roam. Some portal hopping is best experienced solo. Plus, better selfies.

Photo by Kate Russell

Social Distancing

We’re looking forward to the day when our visitors can mingle together again, like so many stars in the Milky Way (aisle 10, next to the Dairy section).

But until then, for your safety, our creative operators will be enforcing a six-foot rule among groups.

Cleaning and Air Filters

Sometimes, there’s more to air than meets the eye.

That’s why we’ve installed MERV8 and MERV13 (translation: really good) air filters in Omega Mart. Paired with our heightened safety protocols, the air in Omega Mart is replaced at about the same rate as on a commercial airplane.

So if you’re concerned about air quality, breathe easy.

Photo by Kate Russell

Photo by Kate Russell

Staff Bath

OK, so we aren’t literally bathing our staff. But Omega Mart personnel do undergo a thorough sanitation procedure before greeting our participants.

Daily health questionnaires and temperature checks ensure that we’re only there to help. Our employees also undergo sanitation training designed specifically for the current health climate.

And everything else!

Omega Mart is chock full of opportunities to score extra hygiene points with your friends and family.

Guests and employees can find hand sanitation stations arranged throughout the exhibit. And for those who want to be extra careful, non-latex gloves are available to all visitors upon request.

Photo by Kate Russell

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