5 Things You MUST Know About Omega Mart

Before you arrive at Omega Mart, there are 5 things you need to know! 

Alright, we’ve been open for a minute and it’s been a WILD ride! 

The comments and reviews have been pouring in, and while you’ve all been loving this crazy thing we created in Las Vegas, it’s become clear y’all are also pretty damn confused. 

So, we put our Calamari heads together and decided on the 5 most important things to know about Omega Mart before you arrive! 

1. Meow Wolf & AREA15 are NOT the Same Thing

AREA15 portal entrance with AREA15 logo and Skull Art
AREA15 portal entrance, home to Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart. Photo by Laurent Velazquez

It’s been interesting watching you all try to figure out exactly what AREA15 is, and we don’t want to ruin any of the magic for you, but we should clear one thing up: Meow Wolf and AREA15 are two different things. AREA15 is an experiential and entertainment district that has several, separately-owned experiences. One of those experiences is us! Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart is the anchor tenant inside of AREA15, but Meow Wolf doesn’t own AREA15 or vice versa.  

Looking to do a little of everything while you’re here? Then be sure to check out an AREA15 Experience Pass

Aerial photo of AREA15 showing guests on zipline with Omega Mart in the background
Aerial photo of AREA15 showing guests on zipline with Omega Mart in the background. Photo by Laurent Velazquez

If you’re wondering what else there is to do around here once you’re done at Omega Mart, check out everything else AREA15 has to offer

2. Meow Wolf is the Company. Omega Mart is the Art. 

One FAQ that keeps making it into our DMs is, “I have a ticket for Omega Mart, but how do I buy a ticket for Meow Wolf?” 

We get it. We’re a household name in Santa Fe, but as we expand our multiversal footprint, the whole world is asking, “Who is a Meow Wolf? What is a Meow Wolf?” 

It is we! Meow Wolf is a company and we make art. In Santa Fe, our art installation is called House of Eternal Return. In Vegas, our art installation is called Omega Mart

The point is that Meow Wolf makes the art, and the art is different in each city, but once you’ve secured your Meow Wolf Las Vegas ticket, you’re ready to experience Omega Mart!

Seen everything there is to see in Vegas already? Then take a trip to Meow Wolf’s Convergence Station in Denver, House of Eternal Return and our latest exhibition, The Real Unreal in Grapevine, Texas. 

3. There’s More Than What Meats the Eye at Omega Mart

Omega Mart Deli Counter, Where Family Meats FreedomPhoto by Atlas Media

We get a lot of comments like “trippy” and “psychedelic” and that’s awesome, but one thing we love to do is tell a story and Omega Mart takes immersive storytelling to the next level. Through RFID cards, performers posed as Omega Mart and Dramcorp employees, and hundreds of hours of video content, we invite you to dive into the mystery behind Omega Mart’s products.

Omega Mart boop station displaying more information about Omega Mart product Salt After Dark
Omega Mart Boop Station. Photo by Kate Russell

If an exploratory mission sounds good to you, then be sure to grab yourself an Omega Access Card when you arrive! 

Now, we are “legally” obligated to tell you that the Omega Access Card can add on about 2 hours to your experience so if you go that route, leave plenty of time to take in everything Omega Mart has to offer. Pick up the products. Watch a few videos. Read some emails. Ask all the questions and seek all the answers! And if the clues aren’t adding up, then perhaps your next best option is to ask The Game Master... 🤔

Dramcorp Offices bathed in a purple light. Office desks, computers and chairs fill the room.
Dramcorp Offices inside of Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart. Photo by Atlas Media

Consider yourself a super fan? Then we invite you to check out our VIP packages that now include scavenger hunts, art experiences and keepsakes! 

Omega Mart’s Hidden Bar, Datamosh. Complimentary Drink Included with all VIP Experiences. Photo by Christopher DeVargas

However, if you find yourself saying, “I’m on vacation. I don’t read on vacation,” don’t worry! There are still infinite unknowns to explore even if you opt out of the story experience! 

If you’re looking for what Mark G. describes as “the coolest experience I’ve had in my life,” then all you have to do is allow yourself to lean into the weird and wildly unexpected. 

4. It’s All Art

#1 question, hands down: “Can I buy that?”

an Omega Mart employee in a red shirt and blue apron smiles while stocking Mammoth Chunks onto the shelves in-store
Omega Mart Employee Stocking Shelves. Photo by Christopher DeVargas

Yes, nearly everything in Omega Mart is for sale! 

#2 question: “How will I know what’s real and what’s not?” 

A photo from inside of Omega Mart featuring milk, butter and orange juice but they’re all on the shelves, not in a refrigerator. Halfway across the photo, the labels on each of the containers begins to blur and glitch so that they’re no longer legible.
Omega Mart’s Underrefrigerated Dairy Aisle. Photo by Atlas Media

First of all, nothing is real and it’s all real. That being said, you’ll know it can be purchased because it’ll have a real price tag on it. Items with glitched out price tags or things that just say $.99999999 are definitely not for sale. They’re also bolted down...not that that’s stopped anyone from trying. 😑


Never thought we’d have to say this, but please leave the bolted down items where they are. 

If you can pick it up and you’re met with absolutely no resistance, you’re in luck! It CAN be purchased! 

Now, Omega Mart has always promised to keep their prices shocking, and based on some of your comments, that seems to hold up. 

Omega Mart team member adds $9.99 price tag to cereal shelf.
Oh, Those Cereal at Omega Mart. Photo by Kate Russell

When you walk into America’s Most Exceptional Grocery Store, you expect to find prices similar to that of other stores, but when you’re holding a bottle of Plausible Deniability or being gently caressed by a pack of Sweet Whispers, you’re not just holding laundry detergent or toilet paper. 

You’re holding someone’s art.

Meow Wolf Co-founders, Emily Montoya and Benji Geary, hold Omega Mart Products in front of a shopping cart at Grand Opening
Meow Wolf Co-founders, Emily Montoya and Benji Geary, during Omega Mart’s Grand Opening on February 18, 2021. Photo by Kate Russell

Before it landed on the shelves, it was conceptualized, sourced and created specifically for Omega Mart, and the artists behind these products deserve fair compensation for their work. 

So as much as we love to joke that Omega Mart is a subsidiary of the mega corporation Dramcorp, buying the stuff on our shelves actually helps to support crazy, weird artists, which is what we’ve always been about. 

So, thank you for shopping with us.

5. All Are Welcome!  

Guest in wheelchair going through tunnel and into Juke Temple
Factory Tunnel and hidden passageway into Juke Temple. Photo by Kate Russell

One thing that’s been true since the beginning is that we’ve never wanted our art to be boring. 

We wanted to create disruptive art, the kind of art that takes you out of your element...and even out of yourself! 

Guest standing at the bottom of a rocky stairwell. They’re using a rope to help them up from the first floor to the second.
Hidden Rock Climbing Stairway in the Projected Desert. Photo by Kate Russell

We’re not an art museum. We don’t want you to just walk around and look at what’s hanging on our walls. We want you to experience it. If you’ve been to our original location in Santa Fe, you know that we’re all about participants crawling, climbing, and stumbling upon hidden spaces. Secret passages and narrow corridors are kind of our thing. 

 An image of a rock wall that has a small cutout on the floor that leads to a mysterious blue light. What’s on the other side of the entrance isn’t visible.
Three Sisters Dwelling in the Projected Desert. Photo by Kate Russell

That said, we understand that tight spaces, steep steps, or narrow walkways may not be your thing, and that’s why we always provide an alternative route, as well as elevators for convenience. Wheelchairs, scooters, and service animals are all welcome, in accordance with ADA regulations. Our restrooms are easily accessible, and gender neutral restrooms are available on the second floor. 

For those with sensitivity to light and sound, doors and pathways leading to strobing/excessive flashing lights are clearly marked. Alternatively, we have several rooms for a more minimal sensory experience, as well as complimentary sensory bags available at guest services.

Light tunnel inside of Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart
Light Tunnel by artists Matthew Rosvold and Les Stuck. Photo by Atlas Media

Our art is for everyone, and we want you to enjoy your visit, so if you have any questions before arriving, email us at [email protected] at least a week ahead of your ticket date. If you arrive and need assistance, don’t hesitate to ask an Omega team member for help! 

Most importantly, don’t be deterred if one path is inaccessible. This may lead you to the discovery of a new route! Keep exploring! 

For more info on accessibility, check out our FAQs, and if you have suggestions or feedback, we’d love to hear that, too! 

If you’ve gotten this far and still have more questions about what you can expect from your visit, peep the pre-arrival FAQs that will help you prepare for your shopping trip! And of course, if you have any other questions, you can always find us on the socials! 

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Have an Omega Day!