What’s in the Howl Box???

See you next year for Meow Wolf’s Cosmic Howl, full of events, parties, workshops…and Howl Boxes!

Our first ever The Cosmic Howl—Meow Wolf’s new Halloween-ish gathering across all exhibits—was a success! We hope to see you next year, when the spirit of The Cosmic Howl will once again emerge from every dimension as we summon our most strange and beautiful sides.

Now, you might be thinking, “But wait, Blob, how do I summon my most authentic self if I’m unable to attend The Cosmic Howl?” And to that we say, “with a Howl Box, of course!”

The Cosmic Howl written over an illustrated graphic of Meow Wolf characters


A Howl Box is your go-to kit for warding off the creative scaries. You might know them as procrastination, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, or generalized existential ponderings, among others. When used with sincerity and purpose, the Howl Box’s contents and accompanying rituals will summon the Cosmic Howl. The more who participate the stronger the presence of The Howl for that year. This powerful force will in turn fuel the strange and beautiful sides of participating Howlers for the duration of the season’s celebrations.


The first step—find a box. (Pro tip, any box can be a Howl Box as long as it contains the necessary ingredients. Go DIY for best results). 


Place the following items within the box before “The Calling” on October 13th:

  • Garlic Macaroni Necklace:  This necklace repels those who would seek to subdue you, belittle your efforts, or steal your funky vibes. Clears your creative space by warding off the creative vampires in your life: family members who just “don’t get it”, your art school rival, or the Legal Department.
  • Compact Mirror to Identify the Creative Scaries: See what creative demons are resting on your shoulders, then ward them off with this mystic chant: “Get the [INSERT PREFERRED EXPLETIVE] outta here!” This works in any mirror or reflective surface, but the compact mirror is most ideal for your Howl Box convenience needs.
  • Emergency Vial of Colloidal Creativity: A backup reserve of pure creativity, a few drops of this concoction will allow you to tap into the bravery needed to be yourself and make art you love. It’s composed of soothing lavender, invigorating eucalyptus, and (ideally) the sweat of your enemies—because baby…you are gonna make them sweat. * If enemy sweat is unavailable, insert a third essential oil of your choosing (after cursing it in the name of your enemy, of course). Note: There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Excessive use of your emergency vial will inhibit its effectiveness. Use wisely...
  • A Representation of Your Non-Creative Self: A non-denominational doll, drawing, or sculpture for the Howler to design as a representation of their non-creative self. This effigy can be burned (literally or symbolically) during “The Calling” in order to begin The Cosmic Howl transformation.


Close the box and howl* immediately to summon The Cosmic Howl. Give your creativity a little boost with every howl performed throughout the year, and/or reposting your Howl Box on social with the hashtag #cosmichowl.

*Warning, may cause intermittent inspiration, chronic daydreaming, creative confidence, and unapologetic selfing.

Contributing author: Danielle Silveri