School Ways: Esperanza Shelter Donation Drive

Meow Wolf has joined Esperanza Shelter's new Donation Drive!

Meow Wolf has joined Esperanza Shelter's new Donation Drive!

The school year has begun and the shelter really needs 60 backpacks right away and also more general school supplies. Please note that the drive is in tandem with the ongoing Esperanza Wish List.

For those who don't know, Esperanza Shelter is an important staple for women and children who need help in the wake of domestic abuse. The shelter houses women and children and helps them get back on their feet and retake their lives in a safe environment. The current drive ends on September 10. Drop off your donations at Meow Wolf’s CHIMERA space inside the Art Complex on Rufina Circle, which will accept backpacks and school supplies. Meow Wolf will donate many hundreds of dollars worth of coins from the fountain inside House of Eternal Return and also turn over all donations to Esperanza Shelter right after the 10th.

September 10 is also Meow Wolf’s next Community Day. Community Day is a day of reduced admission to Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return for all New Mexico residents. This is an all-day event and Esperanza will be here with more information about their current drive and their work. Definitely come by and say hi to these special people!

Esperanza Shelter Donation Drive

If you want to give but don’t have school supplies or backpacks to donate, no problem. You can make a cash donation. Esperanza will use the money for needed supplies not donated in the drive. If you’d like to donate money either for the shelter's current drive or on an ongoing basis but can't swing by Meow Wolf before September 10, please visit here.

We strongly encourage you to give to this important local organization. If materials and monetary means are not at your disposal, there are other ways to help. Check out their website and volunteer page.

Meow Wolf is honored to give back to Santa Fe and participate in this vital organization's work. Please join us and let's make a difference together!