New Portals and Cross-Exhibition Connections in Grapevine, TX

The Meow Wolf Grapevine experience begins in a house, creating cross-exhibition connections and bringing new dimensions to the Meow Wolf story universe.

Glimpse into the extraordinary world of The Real Unreal, which promises to transport visitors on a sensational adventure into the Meow Wolf story universe, which opened July 14, 2023.

Meow Wolf’s newest exhibition in Grapevine, TX is filled with intricate and otherworldly landscapes, created by 38 Texas artists alongside dozens of Meow Wolf artists.

Transcend traditional notions of immersive entertainment through highly collaborative art and nonlinear story.

a pink-hued room with a fridge glowing and a tree growing from the wall and up the ceiling inside Meow Wolf Grapevine
Photo by Paul Torres

"We’re thrilled to reveal these first looks of our newest exhibition. It’s been in the works for four years and is an awe-inspiring self-guided experience for visitors to get lost in. The Real Unreal’s narrative journey takes a leap through the spaces between universes, and is the first major step in connecting the Meow Wolf story universe." says Dale Sheehan, Senior Vice President and Executive Creative Director.

Meow Wolf’s fourth exhibition immerses guests in a new storyline conceived by sci-fi and fantasy author LaShawn Wanak. Beginning in a house, the story centers on a mother and son, their chosen family, and the extraordinary events that open their house to a realm of expansive creativity.

Inside Meow Wolf Grapevine, a brightly colored room with black and white zig-zag lines
Photo by Kate Russell

Certain spaces may feel familiar to Meow Wolf devotees, as some settings harken back to the original Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, creating cross exhibition connections and bringing a new dimension to the Meow Wolf story universe. 

"The house and the idea of ‘eternal return’ are powerful motifs that formed the catalyst for Meow Wolf's transformation from a scrappy art collective into the growing company we are today,” said Meow Wolf Co-Founder, Emily Montoya.

The Real Unreal opened its doors to the public on July 14th, 2023, at Grapevine Mills mall in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Tickets are on sale now here.