Celebrate "House of Eternal Return's" First Birthday, March 18th - 19th

The Selig family has been missing for a year, following an unfortunate incident with a sonic transducer and the tissue-thin fabric of reality.

The Selig family has been missing for a year, following an unfortunate incident with a sonic transducer and the tissue-thin fabric of reality. At least they left us this cool house filled with trippy wormholes to other dimensions!

The universe-melting cataclysm has only gotten stranger in the last twelve months and we're marking the occasion with a party.On the weekend of March 18th and 19th, Meow Wolf will celebrate the one-year anniversary of The House of Eternal Return, which opened to the public on March 18, 2016.

As per our M.O., we're commemorating the event in mega-maximalist style with live performances, music, games, giveaways and (of course) cake.We're coming off of a great first year that far exceeded our expectations in terms of ticket sales for House of Eternal Return and public support. We have more information about that on the way, complete with cold, hard data. But let's talk cake first...

First Thousand Guests Thru the Doors Get Free Cake!

'nuff said...And once you're done enjoying your cake in the lobby, the exhibition itself has many more goodies for you.

Piper and Nicolae in less-chaotic times.

The Selig Family

From time to time the Selig family re-materializes in the exhibition. We have no idea why this happens, only that it occurs during significant dates throughout the year. This family of dangerous fringe artists and scientists last appeared during Halloween, causing the Charter to flood the space with additional agents. Chatter on the Charter's super-not-so-secret communications network suggests that the family is coming back for the weekend before being consumed again by the rolling time-space blackout they caused in 2016. Catch them before they disappear into the aether.

House of Eternal Return: Live Performers

The theory of spontaneous generation was supposedly disproved a few hundred years ago, but that's what THEY want you to believe. We sometimes come to work in the morning to find that the House has generated musicians, circus performers, balloon artists and other frivolous people who speak no earthly language. Our docents usually chase them away with fire extinguishers before we open, but for the weekend we'll let them do their thing and entertain our guests. It's their home, too, to be fair.


Because it's not a party until someone puts on a blindfold and attempts amateur reconstructive surgery on a donkey.

Princess Nokia

On March 18 we're proud to welcome Princess Nokia, a musical collective out of NYC led by 22-year-old Destiny Nicole Ortiz. Ortiz's style is a confluence of influences that blend tribal beats, R&B and trip hop. Her work is just as interesting thematically, bringing together feminism and metaphysics against a post-Internet cultural landscape. It's the perfect way for us to ring in a new year at Meow Wolf.

We'll follow up on this post later this week with some super-exciting achievements from our first year as a permanent art exhibition in Santa Fe. See you at the party! — Billiam