Meow Wolf Creatures Explore Carlsbad Caverns

A caravan of Meow Wolf creatures rolled up on Carlsbad Caverns last weekend for some summertime spelunking.

A caravan of Meow Wolf creatures rolled up on Carlsbad Caverns last weekend for some summertime spelunking.

Alva, Lucius, Snaggy and the rest are taking mandatory time off from the House of Eternal Return because the exhibition is currently full of performers who are entertaining guests as part of our Summer in the Multiverse series. The creatures woke up bright and early at 3 a.m. at the insistence of Charter agents, who frog marched them from the exhibition and into an old school bus. Soon after they were off on their road trip of New Mexico, the Land of En-strangement!

Our photographer, Kate Russell, was in tow and she said everyone had a good time, even though the Meowbus doesn't have air conditioning and its tape deck only plays one warped Pat Boone cassette. Carlsbad was a no-brainer for the first stop on the road trip. Meow Wolf has always been a sanctuary to cave-lovers and the occasional cave-dweller. Scientists will tell you that different caves form for different geological reasons, but the truth of the matter is that caves are of a type, drawing upon similar cavernous themes and archetypes.

It is believed that every cave in the multiverse links up to every other cave via portals hidden in dark, out-of-the-way chambers. This is how we incorporated caves into Meow Wolf exhibits such as the Due Return and the House of Eternal Return. The summer road trip crew plans on hitting up some more landmarks from New Mexico as their summer vacation continues. The Meowbus runs on Charter-brand plutonium, the icebox has an infinite supply of cheese sandwiches and the Pat Boone tape can never be turned off. There is literally no reason for the crew to come home any time soon.

It's gonna be a summer to remember and we'll be sure to post updates as we hear back from them. Keep an eye here or on our Facebook page for great images of Meow Wolf across New Mexico, courtesy of Kate Russell and our fantastic creative team. Thank you to the city of Carlsbad and to the National Parks Service for allowing us to play in your beautiful caverns. A special shoutout to Ranger Rod, for all his help.  — Billiam