Life Is Beautiful Breakdown

Check back later this year to see how Meow Wolf is celebrating Life is Beautiful 2024 in Las Vegas.

Check back later this year to see how Meow Wolf is celebrating Life is Beautiful 2024 in Las Vegas.

Do you love sparkles, neon or diving into other dimensions? Of course you do! Meow Wolf does too!! This year’s Party in the SubOrbs experience at Life is Beautiful is designed for our favorite fun-loving party monsters. We are featuring a rotating roster of lively appearances and performances along with specially crafted beverage options. This mini city of wonder will offer fans a visually stunning space to beat the heat and enjoy a drink as they watch the neighborhood antics unfold. So without further ado…let’s meet our performers and installation artists!

Meet The Performers at Party in the SubOrbs:

Female-presenting person wearing a silver outfit, standing in front of several other people holding a yellow piece of fabric across them. There is a wall behind with neon graffiti
Photo courtesy of Molodi

Pairing extreme body percussion with educational outreach, Molodi is more than a performance troupe - they are a community of energetic leaders, educators, and seasoned entertainers. Molodi pushes the boundaries of stepping through its unique blend of body percussion, gumboots, beatbox, poetry, hip hop dance, immersive storytelling, and robust personalities that bring to life a high-energy experience. In addition to performing on the world stage, Molodi holds their home of Las Vegas close to heart, performing locally and teaching through their arts education program, Molodi Unplugged. Working with organizations such as Cirque du Soleil, The Smith Center, Broadway In The Hood and Project 150, Molodi serves the community and continues to enrich lives by inspiring the artist in each of us!

The Great Bingo Revival
Male presenting person with beard and mustache, holding a microphone, in a hat. There is a bright neon background and smiley face bingo balls under a plastic dome.
Photo courtesy of The Great Bingo Revival

The Great Bingo Revival is a rhythm and funk soul explosion captivating festivals, corporate events, and private parties across North America! Reminiscent of a 1970’s game show, The Great Bingo Revival harkens back to an era of wide bottom pants, big hair, and funky dance moves. We offer old school bingo with a new school twist!

Majestic Repertory Theater
Two female presenting humans with long hair, posing in front of a crowd, neon signs and graffiti background.
Photo courtesy of Majestic Repertory Theatre

Majestic Repertory Theatre was established in 2016 as a downtown performance space where local artists could continue developing their craft in a professional setting. Majestic’s innovations in immersive and interactive performance has led to collaboration on large scale projects for the musician Usher, the producers of Sleep No More, and brands including Jack Daniels and Remy Martin. Their creative efforts received the attention of Meow Wolf, resulting in being one of only two artistic organizations in Las Vegas to receive a DIY Grant from the Santa Fe-based collective.

Meet The Installation Artists at Party in the SubOrbs:

Joel Spencer
Metal, insect looking art installation in the background of a desert.
Photo courtesy of Joel Spencer

Joel Spencer (he/him) - Interdisciplinary Artist and Founder of ArtDepartment Vegas. As an abstract and conceptual artist living in Las Vegas for the last 15 years, Spencer creates art that embodies the whimsical and absurd through found objects and works with a variety of mediums. He first came onto the arts scene by converting discarded televisions into hanging wall mirrors.

Nova May
Bright pink art installation in a window.
Photo courtesy of Nova May

Nova May (she/her) - Las Vegas-based Sculptor, Filmmaker, and Founder of Art Department Vegas. May creates interactive sculptures and temporary public work using a variety of materials from paper to metal to textiles.

Alexander Sky
Colorful wall painting containing a blue female presenting person with large earrings and face piercings, two reptile heads with their tongues and teeth showing.
Photo courtesy of Alexander Sky

Alexander Sky (he/him) - Las Vegas-based Visual Artist. Sky explores the intersection of spirituality and the human body. He is influenced directly by his Aztec heritage and experience in modern Street Art, portraying a crossroads between the ancient and the new.

Ailene Pasco
Colorful, crocheted, venus fly trap coming out of a cardboard plant container. Located in front of a paisley-colored background.
Photo courtesy of Ailene Pasco

Ailene Pasco (she/her) - Las Vegas-based Multidisciplinary Artist. Pasco works primarily in fiber art, textile art, sculpture, and film photography. She is a passionate advocate for public art and uses her pieces to raise awareness of issues such as conservation of nature and positivism.

Nishan Ganimian
Male presenting person wearing a brightly colored dance outfit, wearing clown make-up, converse high tops, white gloves and posing with a little white table with a bowl and cup. The table is located in front of a painting of a window, the window background is green and blue with the moon.
Photo courtesy of Nishan Ganimian

Nishan Ganimian (She/They/Them/Theirs) - Las Vegas-based Interdisciplinary Artistand storyteller. Ganimian explores narrative through clowning and puppetry. She practices world-building for her characters and puppets through installations of fabric, found objects, and ceramics.

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