Meow Wolf Opens Entirely New Installations for 2019

After weeks of renovations and new installations, Meow Wolf reopens with new worlds to experience from international and local artists.

Acclaimed Australian artist Pip & Pop's first permanent exhibition is a new installation in Meow Wolf. Photo by Kate Russell

After weeks of renovations and new installations, Meow Wolf reopens with new worlds to experience. Visiting artists from Australia and Canada, as well as local favorites from New Mexico have brought their talent to the House of Eternal Return. These mind-bending artist upgrades are not to be missed!

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Pip & Pop

Acclaimed Australian artist Tanya Schultz works under the moniker “Pip & Pop.”  Her creative vision is executed with the help of her partner Chad Hedley and two assisting artists, Alina Tang and Bodie Hartley. Vibrant colors, sparkle and pleasing shapes that look sweetly edible — Pip & Pop’s installation draws the viewer into a visual land of plenty. Wonder, awe, and appetite are watchwords. And entirely new custom room was built to house Pip & Pop’s first ever permanent exhibition. It feels like you are wandering into a magic cave that’s part candy store; everything beckoning you to feast your eyes. Her instagram deserves your follow.

Canadian Artist Katie Green puts the finishing touches on her new installation at Meow Wolf. Photo by Kate Russell

Katie Green

A Calgary-based artist, Katie Green is a painter, muralist and and puppet fabricator you will want to know. Her installation is an immersive world of its own, tucked away on the second floor, enveloping a viewer into an abstract and shape-shifting type of nature complete with soundscape. Inspired by the texture of bird feathers and octopus skin, Green uses a colorful palate and 3D materials to create faces and lines around the circular space, intertwining with natural elements and foliage. Sculptural hands emerge from deep lines and reveal new stories about multiverse characters about to be discovered.

Artist Haley Greenfeather English in front of her new blacklight reactive mural at Meow Wolf. Photo by Kate Russell

Haley Greenfeather English

An Albuquerque native, Haley Greenfeather English walks a fine and neon line between playful and political. Personal experiences drive her work, leading those who engage with it deep into the bright colors, illustrative figures and stories hidden within the scene. Her indigenous heritage plays into her art in a way that is hers and hers alone, broadening existing definitions and paradigms. Using blacklight and lightheartedness to break away from artistic expectations and normalities, sometimes the most radical thing you can be is yourself.

Artist Frank Buffalo Hyde works Southwestern themes with an otherworldly twist into his new mural at Meow Wolf. Photo by Kate Russell

Frank Buffalo Hyde

A Santa Fe born artist, Frank Buffalo Hyde is adding a vivid Southwestern style to the muraled halls of Meow Wolf. His work blends satirical and and graphic paintings that speak to his Native American heritage. Playful and simultaneously serious, his piece combines natural elements with out-of-this world visitors, literally, and is larger-than-life in more ways than just size.

Montreal based artist Dominique Pétrin holds a silkscreened fried egg in front of her new installation at Meow Wolf. Photo by Kate Russell

Dominique Pétrin

The color and lines used in Pétrin’s work pop out of the walls like psychedelic trails, leading your eyes to corners then the center of the pieces – like an 8 bit video game. Flat walls morph into eye popping scenes with depth and focus points. Reclaiming craft, Pétrin uses custom silk screen prints to create murals that have won numerous awards and drawn praise from artists and art lovers around the world. Sophie Calle and Banksy have commissioned her work. Based in Montreal, this French Canadian artist is now breaking down walls in the multiverse.

Meow Wolf Artists

Wiggy's Arcade has a new queen, a black femme graphic illustration by Janell Langford inspired by the Memphis design aesthetic of the space. Photo by Kate Russell

Janell Langford

A graphic designer and artist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Langford is a graduate of Seattle Academy of Art and Design, and creator of Obsidiopolis, an art and jewelry line centered around the black-femme experience. Her work is available online, in select indie boutiques across the country and the Meow Wolf gift shop. Two new works from Langford now feature in Wiggy's arcade and the Selig-Pastore home in the House of Eternal Return.

Spencer Olsen

An artist originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Olsen is one of the driving masterminds behind Meow Wolf’s new exhibitions. Olsen’s murals use carefully chosen color palates and strong lines to create large scale pieces that lead you into a whimsical snapshot of recognizable forms that dance into the unknown.

Tim Jag's laser-like murals have expanded for 2019 – come see his new work! Photo by Kate Russell

Tim Jag

Crowd favorite, Jag’s work uses geometric patterns often incorporating copious straight and colorful lines, to draw focus to the center point of the work. He focuses on hard-edge painting and vivid, symbolic color use. His new work continues these themes from his current favorite mural, one that looks like an exploding star.

Julian Gingell

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Gingell attended Santa Fe University of Art and Design and has been working with Meow Wolf since the initial House of Eternal Return build. Gingell is the creator behind Upside Down Park, a space that feels as if you have turned yourself upside down, grass above you, bugs hovering on the ceiling in an unreachable sitting area — it is sure to shift your perspective and bend the corners of your mind.

Mikey Rae's infamous hallway drawings have found an additional home in an immersive blacklight space in the House of Eternal Return. Photo by Kate Russell

Mikey Rae

You may recognize Mikey Rae's distinct style of philosopher meets hand drawn realness from the hallway in Meow Wolf, his animated web series Mikey Rae's Talent Show, or his popular wearable wisdom from our gift shop. Santa Fe native and local favorite, Mikey Rae has expanded his thoughtful universe to a new immersive blacklight space guaranteed to make you think deep thoughts and feel less alone in this world.

Meow Wolf has reopened with entirely new exhibitions for 2019 and new narrative elements that unfold the story of the House of Eternal Return in "The Rift"! Stay tuned for the unveiling of these stories and in depth profiles of our visiting artists.

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