Monster Battle 2017: A Mash at the Santa Fe Bandstand

Monster Battle has been a long-standing tradition for Meow Wolf.

Monster Battle has been a long-standing tradition for Meow Wolf. The first ‘battle’ was in 2008 when Meow Wolf was still a pup. Early battles saw a clash of human vs. monster style anarchy and participants were children, budding artists and adults. Today Monster Battle is something different, though it's a bigger beast than ever.

Still held in its original location Monster Battle is entering its second year as an event on the Santa Fe Bandstand calendar. Santa Fe Bandstand is a series of music performances offered on the Santa Fe Plaza throughout the summer. Monster Battle closes the bandstand's 2017 series with a crowd reversing event. The audience dresses up as their favorite or most readily available monsters to be the performers themselves in a colorful display of monster dance.

Meow Wolf's Monster Battle

Today Meow Wolf's nerf arsenal is holstered and very little ‘battle’ occurs. Instead Contemporary Monster Battle involves a horde of monsters descending on the Santa Fe Plaza to celebrate music, kitsch and mayhem. Monster costumes, in terms of a Monster Battle, are cute or rentals or assemblages of Halloweens past. The attendance remains traditional, with the mash including infants, children, teens, their folks, and their folks’ folks.

Gather your supplies, schedule the crocodile outfits for mom, grandma and the twins or start building a costuming wonder of your own. Monster Battle 2017 is Friday, August 25th 6-9PM and features Meow Wolf’s very own DJ Snaggy and Max P.F.F.P. on a huge sound system!

For more Meow Wolf backed music see D Numbers on the bandstand Thursday, August 24. D Numbers is Paul Feathericci, Ben Wright and Brian Mayhall. Together they aren't just amazing musicians, but Meow Wolf's Sound Team!!!

Get your claws out and your tails on! Summer isn't over yet! Get your pack together now.