Meow Wolf Kicks off "Summer in the Multiverse"

Summer vacation is here and we're celebrating by expanding our reach as an art collective.

Summer vacation is here and we're celebrating by expanding our reach as an art collective.

For the last few months we've been buying up billboards along the highway between Sol and Proxima Centauri. There is nothing out there, except for maybe a condemned rest station orbiting Neptune. Looks like we have the market on highway attractions cornered in this part of the galaxy.

Unfortunately, the billboard company we hooked up with only accepts payment in the form of an ore we don't have on Earth. So to pay our bills, we opened our venue to a local promoter who specializes in the interstellar travel market. We're not at liberty to disclose who that promoter is, just try not to be alarmed if you see a glowing object with an impossible geometry floating through the lobby. And get it coffee if it asks you to.

With its help, we're prepared to launch Meow Wolf's "Summer in the Multiverse," a season-long vacation where our guests will encounter unique and thrilling entities every single day, all day long. It will be like our very own sci-fi resort, and vacationing here comes free with the price of general admission. Our kickoff will be Friday, May 26, the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend. We won't wrap up until the last of our alien guests leave on August 20. This is the most ambitious series we've organized to date and we're excited to share it with Santa Fe and those who visit us. Here's a breakdown of everything we're up to...

Live Performances All Summer Long

Our staff has spent months lining up more than 100 different performing artists. Everyone from musicians, magicians, acrobats, fencers, lighthouse keepers, bellydancers, storytellers and omni-dimensional travelers will use the House of Eternal Return as a performance space. Expect to see unexpected talents in unexpected places. If you've never seen the House used as a stage (similar to our wildly successful House of Halloween) now is the perfect time because these performances are included free with the price of general admission. For a complete list of performers please click here.

Trinity Kitchen: Meow Wolf's First Food Truck

Our very own Eliot Chavanne and Connor Black are launching Trinity Kitchen, Meow Wolf's first voyage into the world of fine dining. Eliot, a native of Louisiana, has been hard at work on a menu full of Cajun and Southern-inspired goodies, including po' boys, ribs, pulled pork sandwiches and even chicken and waffles. You can read more about the Trinity Kitchen food truck here. Trinity Kitchen will officially debut Memorial Day Weekend. Look for the truck either in Meow Wolf's parking lot or throughout Santa Fe as it makes its maiden voyage of our fair city this summer.

Community Days Go Monthly

Starting May 14 and running on the second Sunday of every month through Labor Day, Community Days will knock back ticket prices for New Mexican residents by nearly a third. New Mexican adults, seniors and children under 12 can visit for $11, $10 and $7.50, respectively. Read more about Community Days here.

Music and Events

Our concert space is pulling out all the stops this summer to bring musicians and DJs you can't see anywhere else in the Southwest. Our Dance Monster series will continue being a showcase for the best dance music in Santa Fe, with summer installments including international headliners Danny Daze (6/3) and Sian (7/8).

We're always experimenting with context inside the concert space. We like to explore how the physical space can augment and enhance events. In this vein, Santa Fe's superb Currents new media festival will showcase Machinedrum (6/16), who is performing a live audio/visual set at the exhibit. Currents is one of the highpoints of the summer in Santa Fe and we're thrilled to be working with them this year.And of course the venue will continue being the place to catch nationally-known acts such as Brooklyn's Beach Fossils (7/18). Keep an eye on the events page for more announcements all summer long.

Fun and Chaos for All

There are plenty other activities in the pipeline for this summer, things that people of all ages can enjoy. We'll be hosting live face/body painting, scavenger hunts, salsa and swing dancing, games, plant lessons in the garden room, bug lessons in the bug room, alien teen makeovers, parking lot dance parties and more! There are also whispers around the art complex, rumors of special projects that we dare not confirm at this time. Keep your eye here or on our Facebook page for more information.

Enjoy your summer vacation, everyone! — Billiam