Clock in to Omega Mart’s new Night Shift

Explore the secrets of Omega Mart during Night Shift, a new adults-only exhibition experience at Meow Wolf in Las Vegas.

Come clock in to Omega Mart’s all new Night Shift. We recommend leaving the kids with a sitter (or the middle child) because this event is 21 and up only. Discover the mysteries of Omega Mart and explore a vast multiverse of art while enjoying bars located throughout the exhibit. 

3 guests stand in front of the Omega Mart meat counter holding drinks chatting with a grocery store attendant
Night Shift inside of Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart. Photo by Christopher DeVargas

First time at Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart? Then allow us to introduce ourselves. Omega Mart is our 2nd permanent art installation and it’s also (more notably?) America’s Most Exceptional Grocery Store. While here, customers can shop, explore, get lost and re-find themselves - usually somewhere near Aisle 5. 

a pink glow over the aisles of Omega Mart in Las Vegas
Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart located inside of AREA15. Photo by Atlas Media

Discover why there are portals opening within the store, what happened to Dramcorp’s beloved CEO Walter Dram, and answer the age-old question “What is The Source™️?” or…don’t! Whether you choose to purchase an Omega Access Card or simply peruse at your own pace, Night Shift is an exclusive opportunity to enjoy fewer guests and more drinks while roaming the exhibit. 

A bartender behind the bar at Omega Mart’s hidden bar Datamosh making specialty cocktails and serving them to guests
Datamosh, the secret bar, inside of Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart. Photo by Christopher DeVargas

A Few Notes Before You Hit the Floor: 

📋 Your shift will be from 8pm to 12am. 

📋 All time slots past 6:20PM will be considered valid Night shift tickets but children may remain in the exhibit until 8PM. 

📋 Please be sure that everyone in your party is 21+. Your ID will be checked at the door.

📋 No shift changes permitted. 

📋 Whining about the below schedule will result in immediate termination. 

Check out the upcoming Night Shift dates and buy tickets to Omega Mart here.

Have an Omega Day!