Omega Mart opens February 18th in Las Vegas. Tickets are now on sale.

Meow Wolf’s second permanent exhibit, Omega Mart, opened February 18, 2021 at AREA15 in Las Vegas.

Wake up! This is not a dream! Tickets for Omega Mart are now on sale!

Our long-anticipated and second permanent exhibition, Omega Mart, located inside AREA15, an immersive art and entertainment district is located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.

Once inside, you can stay until you find your way out of the unpredictable dreamworld created by hundreds of international and local artists.

Without revealing too many of our jaw-dropping surprises, here’s a glimpse of what you’ll encounter.

First, before you even enter Omega Mart, you’ll saunter by several giant pieces covering the outside, including a 40-ft UV reactive blacklight mural by Jessie&Katey, along with works from other Meow Wolf collaborating artists such as Valentin Yordanov and Heather Hermann, all located inside the spine at AREA15.

The Double Laser Harp at Omega Mart, photo by Laurent Velasquez

Experience the Groceries

Step into a bizarre grocery store leading to a portal of infinite universes spread out in a space more than double the size of Meow Wolf Santa Fe’s House of Eternal Return.

Photo by Kate Russell. Image from Attention Shoppers: Omega Mart is Coming to Las Vegas

We can’t tell you where any of the portals will lead, but we can tell you about a few rooms you may encounter in our psychedelic world of art and immersive storytelling.


bright swirling lights on panels at Meow Wolf Las Vegas
Photo by Laurent Velazquez

Claudia Bueno’s “Pulse” room shows the interconnectivity of life in a brilliant light show. Go behind-the-scenes of the magical places in nature that inspired the idea and how she brought it to life in this gorgeous Colossal piece.

Shrine’s Room

yellow wall with metal circles and black shapes
Photo by Allyson Lupovich

A kaleidoscopic room filled with bright designs made of neon paint, aluminum cans, and bottle caps. Watch this really satisfying video (ASMR anyone?) of Shrine painting a section of his room, which is called, aptly, “Lugar Místico”.

The Stairway Mural With A Name You’ll Learn Soon

This mural was created by Nick Toll with help from Jaelah Kuehmichel, both Meow Wolf artists from Santa Fe, NM, Nelson McGregory of Denver, and three other awesome artists (tagged in this Instagram post if you want to check them out).

Juke Temple

Carey Thompson, an American-born artist living in Costa Rica and art director for the Boom Festival, calls his immersive, psychedelic, Wurlitzer jukebox-inspired space “Juke Temple.”

Asking the Deep Questions

Is Omega Mart an alternate universe from House of Eternal Return? Or is it another location that has exploded into time and space? Our #1 fan on YouTube gives her take (and a bit of history) on Omega Mart here.

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