Your Experiences: 2019

More participants than ever passed through the doors of Meow Wolf Santa Fe in 2019. Take a look back on our shared creative experience through these social media posts from the past year.

Meow Wolf is becoming something bigger than ourselves. We see the impact that we’ve had on people, bending minds and expanding imaginations through our art and spaces. At the same time, our online presence has grown so much in 2019, and that is all thanks to YOU!

Community is so important to us as a company, both online and offline. One of our goals as a Social Media team is not only growing our online audience, but also making long-lasting relationships and really connecting with our biggest supporters. So many of y’all participate in our Santa Fe exhibit every single day, but by sharing your experiences with friends and spreading the word through your photos and posts, you are bringing Meow Wolf to people and places we could have never imagined.

From Kacey Musgraves to Mickie Heart from the Grateful Dead, we’ve become a space for anyone and everyone to ignite their creativity and to unleash their own worlds of curiosity. The tagged posts are infinite, but we've collected a few that spoke to us. We love you ALL, and we’re SO excited to share 2020 with you. 

Much love,

The Meow Wolf Social Media Team

See all y'all in 2020!