Playlist: July Music at Meow Wolf's Concert Venue

We're hosting bands and DJs in our concert venue this month who fit right in with July, the beating heart of summer.

We're hosting bands and DJs in our concert venue this month who fit right in with July, the beating heart of summer.

You can let loose with GRAMMY-winning Latin music, smooth pop melodies and of course plenty of dance music to help you celebrate the season. Here is our monthly venue playlist, featuring just a few of the acts we're psyched about.

The playlist is in order of appearance. This is not a complete roster of performers for the month! Please visit our events page for a full list of July concerts and performances. Click on the headline for each of the acts to go to the show listing. Enjoy the playlist and come on by to celebrate summer with Meow Wolf and some of Santa Fe's best music experiences!

July 8: Sian

Sian will help us start July with some low, driving techno straight from his own label Octopus. He's stopping by our stage as he tours in support of his recent "Capital Crimewave" album. Sian is the first of two big-name dance nights at the venue this month. Click here for ticket information.From the label:

"Born in Dublin, Ireland and raised in southern Spain, [Sian] chose early to drop-out of normal society and engage in the extraordinary. Adhering more to the avant-garde side of club culture, his tracks show an otherworldly, slow and hypnotic slant on big speaker electronic music. Having quickly developed an oeuvre of work that appeared on stalwart labels like Soma, Pokerflat, Bedrock and Aus before starting his own imprint. He has been reworked along the way by talent like Steve Bug, Pan-Pot, Carlo Lio, Nicole Moudaber, Efdemin and Minilogue."

July 14: Boris McCutcheon

On July 14 we host a singer songwriter from right here in New Mexico. Boris McCutcheon is performing in support of his brand-new album "I'm Here. Let Me In." Boris cut his teeth as a musician in Boston before coming here to New Mexico where he developed as a recording artist and started his own farm.

In the height of Boris’s success as a renegade desert folk-core roots rocker desert rat he decided to leave Boston while the going was good and return to New Mexico. Despite his career taking off, Boris wanted to live, farm and raise children with Laura on a traditional Spanish acequia. They moved to an off the grid farm on 4 acres in the Sangre De Cristo mountains where they had two kids. In this lost valley the newlyweds planted an orchard and Boris became the Mayordomo for 6 years. In between getting married, starting a farm, raising children, Boris wrote many more songs, recorded an extraordinary off the grid album trilogy and toured exclusively in Europe.

Ticket information is available here.

July 15: Grupo Fantasma

A night of Latin music headlined by GRAMMY-winning Grupo Fantasma, a nine-piece collective founded in Austin in 2000. The band has collaborated and performed with the likes of GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, indie cult-hero Daniel Johnston, Curt Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets, and one other guy whose name escapes me at the moment. Who was it again... Oh yeah. Prince.From the band:

Grupo Fantasma has been praised as one of the most important independent acts in the Latin genre and has continually defied expectations to create one of the most unique musical voices to come out of the United States in the last decade. In 2011, they garnered further acclaim by winning a Grammy (their second such nomination) for their self–produced release El Existential on Nat Geo Music which the Wall Street Journal called “Latin music both new and traditional…vibrant fusions that transcend easy classification.”

Grupo Fantasma will be joined by Nosotros, a Latin, Jazz and Cumbia band from Las Cruces New Mexico. Click here for more information about the show.

July 18: Beach Fossils

Brooklyn's Beach Fossils headlines an all-ages program that showcases their layered and complex pop music. They're supported by Montreal's She-Devils and Ablebody of Los Angeles.The Beach Fossils describes their sound:

Orchestral pop gem “Saint Ivy” shines with plucked strings, buoyant basslines and a propulsive, wayward, guitar. “Tangerine,” a driving, tightly wound melody, rushes forward and briefly leaves the ground due to the gossamer guest vocals of Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell. The effervescent “Rise,” which hinges on the spoken word of Gavin Mays (Cities Aviv) discussing a failed relationship, hangs, like many recent breakups, in a sense of suspension. The cloudy, wistful “Social Jetlag,” bustling with samples of crowded streets, features the type of candid, off-the-cuff lyrics that make the entire effort immediately illuminating.

If you'd like to get in on this night of forward-thinking pop music, click here to go to the event page.

July 22: Dance Monster with Monkey Safari

The best dance party in Santa Fe returns at the back end of July when Monkey Safari headlines Dance Monster. Monkey Safari is comprised of Lars and Sven, two brothers from Halle Germany, who are known for their blissful, melodic house music.

Brothers since birth, Lars went first down the DJing path with his hip-hop obsession, followed by Sven who developed a taste for UK big beat. Determined to find common ground in their communal appetite for Gangstarr and Guns ‘N Roses, they conceived a youth-powered party, Electric Ballroom, that brought indie/alternative into one room with electronic sounds in the another. They continue to function with that separate-but-equal ethos today, with Lars gathering sounds in the studio while Sven hunts tunes for their DJ sets. But the sum of this two- man tribe exceeds its individual parts.

Monkey Safari will be supported by local talents DJ Eldon from Albuquerque and Santa Fe's own Spoolius. Click here for more information about the party!That's just a brief sample of our July. Check back in a month for a whole new playlist and if you're excited about any of these events, please share them with a friend using our social media links below. See you there!