Play House with Meow Wolf & Raffle to Fight Child Poverty

New Mexico Appleseed is a nationally-recognized organization that helps low-income and underprivileged families throughout New Mexico.

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NM Appleseed's Parade of Playhouses 2017: aka Meow Wolf's Tiny Home

Would you pay $10 to raffle for a chance to take home a room from Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return? Would you perhaps pay $100 dollars to have fifteen chances at that room and at the very same time help alleviate children in New Mexico from hunger, ill health, a lack of clothing and the systems that keep our neighbor families living in poverty? Now you can.

Meow Wolf has designed a playhouse, alongside four New Mexico design and architectural firms, for New Mexico Appleseed’s annual Parade of Playhouses event and gala. New Mexico Appleseed is a nationally-recognized organization that helps low-income and underprivileged families throughout New Mexico. Appleseed analyzes the data that effects these communities and then imposes policies for systemic change and fair distribution of equity. Equity is the distribution of services, resources and protections across all economic backgrounds with an aim at providing the same level of access for all.

Raffle for Meow Wolf's Parade of Playhouses playhouse

Last year’s Parade of Playhouses generated $300,000 for critical projects and relief for those in need. The 2017 playhouses will be auctioned at NM Appleseed’s gala dinner on Friday, August 25 at the Albuquerque BioPark Botanic Garden, with one exception: the Meow Wolf playhouse is available only by raffle! Tickets are just $10 or 15 for $100, can be purchased without attending the gala, and are available now. A runner-up will receive a Meow Wolf family pass good for free admission for up to five family members to House of Eternal Return for one year.

Meow Wolf’s playhouse is a Colorful Creativity Hideaway for children. It features a musical pipe wall to make music, colors to inspire, and gears to generate curiosity and wonder. Meow Wolf's playhouse is all this alongside traditional playhouse components such as a slide and ways to climb. Handmade, hand-painted mushrooms sprout from the structure to create a shared sense of environment and habitat.

Raffle for Meow Wolf's Parade of Playhouses playhouse

The Meow Wolf playhouse will be on display in the lobby at Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe from Wednesday, July 19 until Wednesday, August 18. Meow Wolf encourages you to come and visit the playhouse and to buy a raffle ticket. Buying a raffle ticket helps New Mexico Appleseed work toward a more equal New Mexico in which children and their families do not go to bed facing issues of hunger, cold, lack of educational opportunities and many other challenges that they face, often on a daily basis.

All five playhouses will be on display to the public at the Albuquerque BioPark Botanic Garden the week before the gala on Friday, August 25. After the gala dinner all five playhouses, including Meow Wolf’s, will be on display at the Botanic Garden until Friday, September 1 of Labor Day Weekend.

Meow Wolf invites everyone to check out the New Mexico Appleseed organization including their events, successes and mission. Thank you for supporting them. Our collective is honored to be a small part of their big and crucial work.

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