The Setlist : May 2019

A closer look at some of the music artists taking the stage at Meow Wolf Santa Fe this month.

It’s officially show season! Spring is a great time to check out a bunch of your favorite musicians and bands on tour, and this May we’ve got a jam-packed calendar at Meow Wolf Santa Fe.

So while you’re patiently waiting for Taos Vortex to roll around, there are plenty of amazing artists waiting to tilt your ears, move your feet, and tide you over. Here’s a deeper look at a few of the shows we’re looking forward to seeing (and hearing!) this May.


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Michal Menert and Exmag (May 4)

Michal Menert, revered composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, has been a major player in the Pretty Lights-era electronic scene for years. Including samples from both Eastern European and Western vinyl, his music is comprised of downtempo trip-hop instrumentals and visceral electronica riffs.

Menert remains a pioneer in the electro-funk community, and his latest album, “Slow Coast III”, continues to demonstrate his proclivity for moving compositions and crate digging.

Exmag is a true underdog trio. With elements of hip-hop, jazz, funk, soul, and R&B, the electro-funk group has developed a sound that is sensual, groovy and sophisticated. Their most recent EP, “The Walls That Divide Us”, has successfully blended synthwave into their signature, chill-out funk style, and it’s a gem.

Exmag’s live performances are highly regarded as a complex mixture of programmed beats, samples, and live instrumentation.

HEALTH (May 6)

HEALTH is a post-punk noise rock band. Heavily electronic and grunge, their music elicits Dark Palace vibes with a sound that is apocalyptic and urgent, sharp and crystal clear.

HEALTH combines the best kind of robotic percussion with vocals that are elegantly haunting, and their most recent collaboration with doom-metal rapper, Ghostemane, exhibits their capacity for continued ingenuity.

CloZee (May 16)

CloZee is a glitch-hop producer who combines organic and electronic sounds to take the listener on a journey around the globe. Her songs include continuous and energetic choruses that keep the tracks rolling and the listener activated.

CloZee has been steadily rising to the top of the electronic dance scene in the past few years, and has perfected her live performance and production techniques.

Tops (May 21)

TOPS are a four-piece band from Montreal who deliver a raw punk take on AM studio pop.

The band’s minimalist soft-rock elicits a dreamy, retro mood with vocals that are melancholy, sweet and heartfelt. TOPS’ music truly transports the listener to a specific time and place. With music that is self-written, recorded, and produced, TOPS retains a genuine and untouched sound.

Monolink (May 23rd)

Monolink is a DJ, singer-songwriter, and producer who specializes in ambient, techno, electronica and house music. His background is in indie and folk, but he is able to translate those roots into a fusion of organic and electronic sounds. Monolink’s songs include acoustic instruments, vocals intertwined with electronic beats, and hypnotic bass lines, resulting in a passionate physicality.

Top pick for fans of organica, and if you like Monolink, check out Kerala Dust, Stavrov and Four Tet!