The Setlist: November

Featuring some of our favorite musicians taking the stage at Meow Wolf Santa Fe this month!

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Feat. Wake Self, Chelsea Wolfe, The Grouch and Murs, Big Freedia, and Ant-ten-nae!


Wake Self - 11/7

Wake Self is a native New Mexican and die-hard Burqueño legend. He believes in the power of music and how it can be used to spread positive messages while perpetuating New Mexican Pride.

On November 7th, Wake Self will be releasing his long-awaited, third studio album, Ready To Live, after three years of touring internationally with various hip-hop legends, including Blackalicious, KRS-ONE, and De La Soul. This 11-track project marks a turning point in Wake’s transformative process, representing a rebirth into a more fearlessly authentic version of himself. Of the new album, he says: “From the soil of my old self, a seed blossoms into new life.”


Due to a tragic car accident, we're very sad to have to cancel this show. Our hearts pour out to the family and friends of Andrew Martinez, aka Wake Self. A native New Mexican, Andrew was a monumental force of positivity in the hip-hop scene and one of Meow Wolf’s most frequent performers. His energy will forever reverberate within the walls of our venue space.


Chelsea Wolfe - 11/12

Chelsea Wolfe is inspired by the dark state of the world.

Her father was in a country band and owned a home studio, and by the age of nine Wolfe had already started writing and recording songs. Her gift as a singer/songwriter is most apparent when her songs are stripped down to a few key elements and her elusive lyrics can really shine.

Wolfe’s music is a unique, genre-bending combination of folk, metal, goth, and experimental music, with themes alluding to a feminine awakening and spiritual connection to Mother Earth.  

The Grouch and Murs - 11/14

A prominent figure in the indie hip-hop scene, The Grouch is also one of the founding members of The Living Legends, sharing space with the likes of the Mystik Journeymen and former member, Murs.

Though their history often found the pair at creative odds, The Grouch and Murs have now reunited for a tour and the formation of a new super duo, called Thees Handz. The two independent juggernauts are known for being earnest, powerful, and purposeful performers. Find out for yourself on the 12th and final How the Grouch Stole ChristMURS Tour!

Big Freedia - 11/23

Big Freedia owned the New Orleans club scene for over a decade, but now the “Queen of Bounce” is increasingly turning into a global sensation with people recognizing her from reality TV (“Big Freedia Bounces Back”), a featured part on Beyonce’s “Formation”, and regular show-stealing turns at various festivals.

Big Freedia tours over 100 dates per year with her iconic “shake team”, creating shows known for their call-and-response lyrics and epic booty shaking.

An-ten-nae - 11/29

An-ten-nae (Adam Ohana) has been an active pioneer and tastemaker of West Coast Bass music for over 15 years.

He has created new avenues for bass music under his various monikers, almost constantly reinventing himself as Dimond Saints, Invisible People, Lowriderz and Black Crow. Ohana is a behind-the-scenes, boundary-shoving shaper of this underground movement, and continues to contribute to the genre with new and exciting projects, including his latest run as WHYT RBBT.


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