Meow Wolf’s Mood Seasonings Gift Guide 2023

The official "Meow Wolf Mood Seasonings Holiday Gift Guide" so you can gift a piece of your unforgettable Meow Wolf experience to all of your loved ones.

When you think of Meow Wolf, what comes to mind? Weird art? Mind-bending experiences? Cage-free footwear? We put together the official "Meow Wolf Mood Seasonings Holiday Gift Guide" so you can gift a piece of your unforgettable Meow Wolf experience to all of your loved ones.

From ugly sweaters and Ham Backpacks to your favorite Omega Mart products, we have everyone on your list covered.

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Cozy Noodle Soup Blanket

a square pillow with instructions on how to unfold it and wrap up like a burrito and feel like being warm and cozy in a bowl of soup

Make your mind into a ramen bowl and shield your body from chills with this cozy slice of brothy heaven. 100% synthetic broth experience.

Curl up in noodly goodness.

people wearing Meow Wolf ugly sweaters

Tattoo Chicken Ugly Sweater

100% of the tattoos you’ve always wanted, 0% of the commitment. Nature’s canvas is now available in sweater form.

Eternal Friends Ugly Sweater

Surround yourself with friends this sweater season.

Meow Wolf Plush

Three cat/wolf creature plushies in black and white, facing different directions to show all sides.

Pop Quiz: What’s more squeezably adorable than a 3-eyed wolf fused with a one-eyed cat? Nothing, that’s what. 

Either way, this cuddly cutie is certified Grade-A snuggly. Fact.

Experience Tube

people in a lavendar field with heads connected through a striped tube

The Experience Tube™ is a revolutionary analog device which connects one experience to another! Using only soft striped fabric and the most sophisticated facial recognition technology ever developed (installed standard in current model human brains) the tube replaces all peripheral distractions with an unbridled visual feast of stripes and laughter! Simply upload a couple of faces into each end and make your own internet, instantaneously! Immediate vivid connection, with no subscriptions, user agreements, invasive advertisements, or spotty service!

Available in four perception-enhancing colorways!

Bearret Plushie

colorful ferret creature with long legs

It’s a bear, it’s a ferret. No, it’s Bearret!

Poseable and a great cuddling companion.

advertisement for slippers by Meow Wolf

Cage Free Toes

A new era of footwear. Your feet will be seated upon what look like glorious egg cartons, complete with a “Certified Human” stamp on the top, just to let you know these shoes are made for human feet. 

You do not need to refrigerate these shoes, even if you’re a multidimensional being composed of fire. But again, these shoes are only certified for humans. Please don’t wear these if you’re not human.

Snurtle Slippers

For literal and psychic spills. Snurtle slips through the shadows beaconing with a hunger for filth.

Get Snurtled.

Party Platter Slides

No party is complete without the party platter (slides).

Ham Backpack

person with green hair wearing a backpack in the shape and design of a ham

What says “holidays” more than a nice ham? Slung across your back? 

Meat lovers rejoice! Show the ham. Be the ham. Wear the ham.

Meow Wolf Adult Onesie

Become a humanoid equivalent of our beloved Meow Wolf plushie by decking yourself in Meow Wolf warm fuzzies from head to toe.

So warm. So cute.

Tracksuit Jacket

lots of people wearing 80s style track suits

Perfect for long, frantic walks through the mall in 1989. A lot of fun in other situations, too.

Mall-walk, don’t run, to buy this jacket…

Lost Socks

One lone sock with patterns of shapes and bright colors

Where do the Lost Socks® of our life go? Here at Meow Wolf, we have finally figured out the age old question! We found in the process of inserting a standard pair of Fourth Dimensional Socks within our Anomalous Dryer and mixing in a dash of Mind-Boggling Physics™  that a Single Entangled Sock is created!

The singularity of the Lost Sock® allows for a greater sense of individuality and opens up a wide array of fashion options not achieved by a common pair of socks.

And one more thing…

family using a computer promoting the Meow Wolf Annual portal Pass

Our brand new Annual Portal Pass lets you and your favorite people visit one Meow Wolf exhibition of your choice as much as you want for an entire year! Starting on the day of purchase, enjoy nearly-infinite* intricate art, delightful mysteries, mind-bending spaces, and metaphysical weirdness.