Meow Wolf’s Merch Gift Guide 2022

Don’t give ordinary gifts this season, share a glimpse into the multiverse.

When you think of Meow Wolf, what comes to mind? Weird art? Mind-bending experiences? Deli meat footwear? We put together this list of unique Meow Wolf merch to help you gift a piece of your unforgettable Meow Wolf experience to all of your loved ones.

From lost socks and warm hoodies to your favorite Omega Mart products, we have everyone on your list covered.

For the friend who is always cold…

FFD Laugh Now, Cry Later Hoodie

looking at a person's back against three shelves of wigs with varying colors. The person is wearing a lavender hoodie with the dramatic masks in the center and the hood pulled up

The perfect hoodie for any emotion created by Meow Wolf fan favorite Future Fantasy Delight. 🎭

MW + HS Factory Bomber Jacket

Person with short, multi-colored hair and orange sunnies wearing MW x HS crop top and bike shorts with a sheer bomber jacket over top.

Oversized, reversible, sheer with a reflective rainbow logo—this bomber is the perfect lightweight jacket to wear year-round from our collaborative line with designer Hester Sunshine.

OBS Yum Crop Sweatshirt

light pink cropped sweatshirt with a black cat in a teal circle with a melted ice cream next to the cat

Cute sweater alert from Obsidiopolis featuring a cat eating melted rainbow ice cream, naturally. ✨

MW 3D Logo Pullover Hoodie

person wearing a black Meow Wolf hoodie with lots of designs behind the Meow Wolf logo

A classic Meow Wolf maximalist hoodie to keep you nice and warm. Made from the coziest materials in all the worlds and dimensions ever.

Quantum Dept Hoodie

two angles of one person with dark curly hair wearing a mustard colored hoodie with the words "Quantum Department of Transportation"

Warning: Special attention must be given to perishable items when transversing dimensions to avoid unforeseen biological phenomena.

Meow Wolf Onesie

person standing against school lockers wearing a onesie. Half the onesie is black and the other half is white with an animal face on top and ears

Fuzzy. Warm. Cozy. Cute. The perfect winter gift to transform into your favorite 4-eyed creature.

For the life of the party…

Party Platter Slides

slide type shoes with different deli meats and greens with a cheese Omega symbol on top

Omega Mart sliding in with the freshest shoecuterie of the season. 

Banana Flask

flask in the shape of a banana

Keep it confidential...and rich in (implied) potassium 🍌

Tattooed Chicken Stash Can

can of Tattoo Chicken with a whole naked chicken covered in tattoos


And the one who cleans up after…

Snurtle Slippers

slippers with green mop type material on the bottom and the top looks like a futuristic car

Perfect for cozying up to and sweeping any mess you might encounter (from this world or another). 

Blitz Spray Plush

Harness the power of cherries to send stains galloping off into the sunset. 🍒

For the kid in all of us… 

Meow Wolf Plush

small plush of a black cat mixed with a white wolf

The cutest creature in all the worlds. 

Bearret Plushie

small ferret mixed with bear plushie that looks like a pretty yarn design

If you've spotted this long-bodied, brightly colored creature with birch tree-like legs inside Convergence Station, you probably wanted to take it home (but as a mini version, of course).

Za Plush

little pizza plush with lots of arms and one large eyeball

Your favorite family-friendly slice of Za to cuddle up with. 🍕

Lost Sock

the bottom of a sock with the house of eternal return written on the bottom and a picture of the house on the side

All lost socks lead to Meow Wolf. 🧦

Millk Mug

mug with cows and it looks like a milk carton from elementary school lunch

Everyone knows, a love of dairy begins in grade school cafeterias, and Omega Mart does its best to fan those lactose-y, calci-yummy flames with under-refrigerated dairy products like Millk.

And one more thing…

Meow Wolf gift card with swirling design on a dark background

For someone extra special in your life, the gift of experiencing a cosmic adventure awaits.