Anomaly Tracker App

Anomalies have entered the House of Eternal Return at Meow Wolf Santa Fe. Can you find them all? Something has happened inside this mysterious Victorian house that has dissolved the nature of time and space. Venture through the house of the Selig Family to help unravel the mystery.

Enhance your experience and be rewarded with clues to the deeper mystery behind House of Eternal Return at Meow Wolf Santa Fe! Track down all of the anomalies throughout the house and point your device at the target to bring a Meow Wolf experience to life – unlocking secrets lurking in the Selig family’s past. For the full experience, try Anomaly Tracker at home or anywhere outside of the exhibition!

Audio Tours

Meow Wolf is excited to announce our first audio tour! Available as a $4.99 add-on purchased at the front desk, The Artist Tour offers the behind-the-scenes story of the House of Eternal Return as told by the artists who brought HoER to life.

The Artist Tour is completely self-guided and offers commentary and insight on 45 unique locations or pieces throughout the exhibition. Over 35 artists describe their inspirations and creative process, detail what they love about the work and the challenges faced while making it, and bring a completely new dimension to the exhibition.