Creature Feature: A Brief Glimpse Into the Lives of Those Who Live at Meow Wolf

Meet some of Meow Wolf’s most fascinating residents.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a poly-dimensional or galactic being? Do ya think about how those beings might wonder what it’s like to be one of us? Are we us? 

These displaced beings all have one thing in common: Meow Wolf residency. Some of these creatures appeared after a happening which ripped the fabric of space and time (causing multi-dimensional portal openings); through a rare cosmic event; a ritual gone awry; or even from experimental biotechnology. A few of these resident creatures approached the Blob team and volunteered to share some personal insight into who they are and their everyday lives. Let’s meet some of our creature volunteers from Convergence Station, House of Eternal Return, and Omega Mart

Convergence Station 

Fig (they/them)
A statue of a cute and colorful creature sitting on a tree.
Photo by Kennedy Cottrell. Sandra Wang’s sculpture “Fig” at Meow Wolf Denver’s Convergence Station.

Fig (aka Figgy) lives between Numina and Ossuary at Convergence Station. Fig is patient, kind, and a deep thinker who loves hugs. Fig is also attentive and very interested in knowing more about you and the travelers they meet every day. Since the convergence, Fig pretty much sits and watches (are they gathering data?) and keeps their fur (or skin?) and bowtie (or leaf?) perfectly tidy. 

Researchers, botanists, and anatomists have yet to classify Fig as a plant or an animal. Fig did not share how old they were. They also did not answer when asked how long they can sit still. One thing we know for sure is that Fig is a great pal.  

Syd the Psychic (they/them) 
A person in neon clothing sits and smiles while talking on a pay phone inside a futuristic cafe.
Photo by Shannon Shumaker. Syd the Psychic in one of Syd’s various forms in Nico Salazar’s Mijo Miho Cyber Cafe located inside Meow Wolf Denver’s Convergence Station.

Give me an “s”. S! Gimme an “h”. H! Okay, continue that chant three times in a bathtub filled with slime (especially during November’s full moon) and see what happens, but the word that should be spelled out is “shapeshifter”. Syd the Psychic is a resident of Convergence Station and a shapeshifter. They live up to their name – they are an extremely accurate psychic. They’re always positive in their divination and hope that they can encourage others to become seekers of spiritualism. 

Syd may look different each time you see them and usually hangs in the Magic Hallow psychic shop. Syd believes they’ve found ways to communicate with other dimensions. Their preferred form is a swarm of eyeballs. Syd has quite the rock collection and has freshly started a stick collection. Is it lightning? Is it something in your soup? No, it’s just Syd saying hi. 

Sleevie Nicks (he/him)
A costume that has a head that looks like a giant necktie and collar, and a body made out of sleeves from a suit shirt sits and reads a newspaper on a bus.
Photo by Glenn Ross. Sleevie Nicks reading a newspaper on Pam’s Bus on C Street in Meow Wolf Denver’s Convergence Station.

All business. All the time. Clear the path: Sleevie Nicks is coming through! Sleevie would like you to know that he is always happy to engage with you Earthers at Convergence Station or take photos with you and learn more about your business. He would like you to also keep in mind that he has business to attend to. He’s the ultimate white-collar worker – his head is quite literally a white collar. 

Sleevie is the result of a ritual gone wrong but decided at an early age that he wanted to take the business world by storm.  He loves networking and believes everyone is a good contact for potential business. If you have the pleasure of hearing one of his elevator pitches, count yourself lucky – he sees something in you. He’s quite the “character” and he’s always a pleasure to do business with.

Yawlp (?)
A creature with fur and big teeth and big eyes can be seen hiding behind the doorway of the Yawlp Research boat.
Photo by Jess Gallo, Atlas Media. The Yawlp hides inside the Yawlp Research Boat (made by artist Dylan Pommer) inside of Meow Wolf Denver’s Convergence Station.

What is the Yawlp? Is there a monster in Convergence? The Yawlp Affirmation Society (Y.A.S.) thinks so and their goal is to prove their existence. That means if the Yawlp did want to share their story, it would have to be kept anonymous or shared as fiction. If they are real, and if they wanted to get a message out, it would more than likely be, “So sorry!”. 

Yawlps, also known as “sorry monsters”, are believed to be self-aware and extremely shy. According to documents provided by Y.A.S., it has been reported on multiple occasions that onlookers who look into the Yawlp’s eyes feel the equivalent of what’s described as “the most awkward moment of their lives.” The combination of social anxiety and heightened self-awareness mixed in with their appearance (garbage-dwelling, large-toothed beast with big, glowing eyes), might make meeting people in real life more challenging. Therefore, the Yawlp may prefer socializing on apps.

If you encounter a Yawlp, please approach with caution, because they are definitely more scared of you than you are of them (but they still love treats). Please report any sightings with #YawlpSighting and make sure to avoid direct eye contact. 

House of Eternal Return

Plotzo (he/him)
Character Plotzo looks like a human punk with neon-colored skin standing next to a claw machine inside an arcade located in Meow Wolf Santa Fe.
Photo by Kate Russell. Plotzo stands next to his Swap Meat claw machine in Wiggy’s Plasma Plex (by Benji Geary) inside Meow Wolf Santa Fe’s House of Eternal Return.

Legend has it that this rat-headed leader of the chaotic Undermallers (a criminal “rat pack” of subversive and stylish misfits) is using portal openings to plant arcade clubhouses in malls. Legend also lied about eating my marked burrito in the shared fridge, so it’s kinda hard to trust Legend anymore. C’mon, really tho, who does that?! Not chill, Legend! 

Plotzo’s diet includes quarters and pizza with extra nails. He uses gene-splicing for underground fashion. Plotzo wanted to set the record straight and tell his side of the story but never followed up and went subterranean again. He did leave a note: “You wanna come hang with the R@z? You better check your shoes. Legit Plasma or Bust. XOXO, Plotzo”. 

Sculptures of cute grey beings that somewhat resemble animals
Lowing Lowlies (by artist Sarah Bradley) hang out in the forest of Meow Wolf Santa Fe’s House of Eternal Return

No one loves a nice soft pat on the head more than these ancient sweethearts.  If you thought sloths or koalas were slow-moving, wait until you see the Lowing Lowlies move – they move at whatever the opposite of the speed of light is. They watch everyone and everything in Aspen Grove, located inside House of Eternal Return. They rarely gossip and enjoy learning human facial expressions. Their favorite movie genre is 80’s Fantasy. 

In need of advice? The Lowlies are excellent advice-givers. Simply focus on the problem that requires the advice. Then place your hand on the top of their heads and translate the sounds they make into whatever advice you wish to hear. If it promotes violence, being an @zzhole in any way, or getting back with your ex – you’ve flubbed the translation. 

Joyce (she/her)
large-scale sculpture of mastodon bones that are illuminated in colorful lights.
The Ribs (by artist Matt Crimmins) inside Meow Wolf Santa Fe’s House of Eternal Return

She’s not all bones, and she’s actually quite sensitive – Joyce is a 10,000-year-old prehistoric mastodon and an archeological specimen who lives in the Caves of House of Eternal Return. Her musical ribs continue to sing and spread delight throughout the dimensions. She’s easier to read than most – virtually transparent – and she changes colors whenever her moods shift. 

When it comes to romance, Joyce is old school. She loves a bouquet of desert shrubs because they have a lot of crunch to them, and she appreciates when portal hoppers either curtsy or make some sort of reverent gesture before walking into her belly and drumming on her ribs. She dreams of one day owning her own food truck with the best bbq twigs on this side of the Milky Way. 

Nimsesku (he/him)
Nimsesku, a hamster, is being experimented on in a diorama that makes the hamster seem as big as a building while smaller-scaled humans hold experimental devices.
Nimsesku’s in an electrifying situation in the Hamster Dioramas (by artist David Cudney) located inside Meow Wolf Santa Fe’s House of Eternal Return

Nimsesku (aka Nims) is the Selig family hamster. Nims moves in and out of portals so frequently that it almost feels as if this beloved pet was multitudinous: you’ll probably spot him multiple times inside House of Eternal Return. Nims was the test subject for an experiment with the Transducer and unfortunately died. Good news however – he was quickly Frankensteined back to life! Since then, Nims has been the gift that keeps giving and giving and giving – no really, it feels like he’s freaking everywhere. Honestly, we love him, it’s just – there’s a lot of cleanup!

He is a total softie and very approachable if you can catch him. He doesn’t bite, is up-to-date with all of his shots, and has his multipass ready to go. He loves exploring and if you require a new travel buddy, this guy will be a playful, energetic friend for a lifetime(s). 

Omega Mart

Five daikon vegetable sculptures in picturesque poses
Photo by Nick Bilt. Daikons pose on the Produce Shelf (by artist Emily Montoya) in Meow Wolf Las Vegas’ Omega Mart

These rad(ish), cuddly root-vegetables hail from Plenty Valley. This year, they accidentally stumbled into a modeling career, just going about their daily lives. Speaking of schedules, Daikons tend to have more of a party schedule and may still be resting in the late mornings when shoppers begin to visit. 

Dr. Rosenbloom (he/him)
Touching a bed of flowers on a wall, Dr. Rosenbloom is a scientist wearing a lab coat who has a flower with a large, blue eye inside as a head.
Photo by Nick Bilt. Dr. Rosenbloom inside The Flower Portal (by artist Aubrey Schwartz) at Meow Wolf Las Vegas’ Omega Mart

Dr. Rosenbloom is a D.A.R.T. scientist. His appearance and demeanor are the direct effects of an experiment involving the beauty product Rose Water (made from nature’s beefiest flower). Whether the experiment’s results were intentional or not, Dr. Rosenbloom is now drawn to floral patterns and flowers, and he possesses a childlike wonder. Dr. Rosenbloom is also retraining his speech and social skills, as they were affected in the experiment.  

Dr. Rosenbloom is very observant (a scientist after all) and will definitely keep a big, blue eye on you. Please do not be alarmed if you see him roaming the isles of Omega Mart. He is just curious and wants to learn as much as he can from you. 

*Fine print: Legally there is an obligation to mention that certain elements may or may not have an effect on a human’s physical appearance and/or possibly alter an individual’s personality. Omega Mart, and its parent company Dramcorp, assume no liability

Mr. Omega (he/him)
Price tag at Omega Mart shows Mr. Omega pointing at the word, “Why?” and the rest of the sign reads, “Just ask! It’s ok!”
Photo by Nick Bilt

Is he real or just a dream? Imagination or reality? One thing is for sure, Ω Mr. Omega is the spokesmascot for Omega Mart. He is all about satissavings and is the greatest Omega person ever to sell you things. He’s definitely a fan favorite and receives more mail than any other resident of Meow Wolf.

Mr. Omega considers himself a good juggler. He started juggling when he was 12 and now mostly juggles savings and apologies. Mr. Omega most recently took up bust sculpting with Omega Mart’s deli team and can transform 86% ground beef into “beautiful” sculptures. He did not want to reveal his age, but it seems he’s been around for a while

These creatures and Meow Wolf residents enjoy meeting new people and most of them Google themselves (some more than others; the Lowlies just don’t have the fingers or speed for it – so feel free to scroll with them next time you visit). These creatures are just like us in more ways than we realize – they have feelings, dreams, and talents. They also really love receiving mail and making new friends. Next time you visit a Meow Wolf location, keep your eyes and heart open for the residents there. Now that our newest location is open, let’s all go welcome the new kids/creatures/residents on the block of Meow Wolf Grapevine’s The Real Unreal!