Progress Report: Denver Developments!

We’ve had a busy year so far in the Mile High City. Next up: Meow Wolf Denver…

We’ve had a busy year so far in the Mile High City. Next up: Meow Wolf Denver

Sparks are flying between Meow Wolf and Denver! Photo courtesy of Turner Construction.

Before we opened Meow Wolf Denver in 2022, the same year we opened our Las Vegas location, here's a little taste of what we were up to in Denver.


The Meow Wolf family band, bringing down the house at Kaleidoscape. Photo by Kate Russell.

If you don’t know, should. Meow Wolf’s Kaleidoscape opened this past April at Elitch Gardens in downtown Denver! This unprecedented art ride takes guests on a mind-bending journey from minimal to maximal as they discover the wonders of quantum travel. Riders pass by murals and installations from artists like Michael Ortiz, Denver’s own “graffuturist,” whose work you might have seen at Denver’s Center of the Performing Arts.

If you haven’t gone already, now’s a great time to take the ride! Check their website for hours!

Zooscovery Maker Day

Some of us take animal masks very seriously! Photo by Armando Geneyro.

Since Meow Wolf has all of these future locations planned, we decided we might as well start recruiting the next generation of artists and makers! Sort of kidding! This is why we teamed up with the Denver Zoo in August for a “Zooscovery” Maker Day! We had animal-themed stations with recycled and sustainable art supplies, a creative group project, and plenty of adorable animal masks.

We’re so excited to continue bringing families, kids, and art together in and around Denver with events like this!

IPX Denver

IPX is for all ages! Photo by Meesh Deyden.

Born from Indigenous Comic Con, this July saw the first ever Indigenous POP X (IPX) Denver take place in downtown Denver. Meow Wolf was proud to sponsor this amazing event, created through a collaboration between the Denver American Indian Commission and Native Realities.

A three-day comic and pop culture convention, IPX featured an impressive gathering of indigenous creators and artists, such as cosplayer/artist Dezbah Rose, and celebrity guests like Sivan Rose (Netflix’s Chambers). The weekend provided an amazing opportunity to learn about how advocacy, education, and connection is created through artistic expression. We can’t wait for next year!

Colorado Black Arts Fest

Eyes are for looking. Third eyes are for seeing. Photo by Ken Hamblin III.

Speaking of advocacy, this was the second straight summer that we’ve had the honor of sponsoring the Colorado Black Arts Festival. In its 33rd year, the CBAF continued their mission of developing, promoting, and celebrating African-American arts and culture in Colorado with this free event in the historic Denver City Park West.

The festival featured live music, a film pavilion screening works from African-American filmmakers, a community mural, and much, much more!


RUMTUM’s mural at the Oriental Theater in Denver. Photo by Rob King.

Speaking of murals, this past March saw the unveiling of a new mural for Denver’s historic Oriental Theater.

After enduring extensive damage from decades of leaking, Meow Wolf CEO Vince Kadlubek connected with the theater to commission a lush, psychedelic landscape from Denver resident and artist, RUMTUM, aka John Hastings. The mural has brought new life to the theater, which is a must-visit on the National Register of Historic Places.

285 Guide

We’re coming for you, Denver! Photo from Flickr Creative Commons.

Sometimes it’s about the journey, not the destination. In the case of travelers coming from Denver to Meow Wolf Santa Fe, it’s both!

Lucky for all of you, we’ve created a handy guide that’ll turn your trip down 285 into a scenic cruise full of opportunities for sightseeing, relaxation, and good grub. Plan your trip to Santa Fe now, clear your calendar for visits to Vegas, and then start finding places for all of us to sleep because we’ll be in Denver before you know it!

Photo by Armando Geneyro.