Thin Skins: A Body Paint Workshop in Meow Wolf's Learning Center

This week Meow Wolf reignites our Learning Center with a first workshop of 2018 that explores the popular art of body paint.

This week Meow Wolf reignites our Learning Center with a first workshop of 2018 that explores the popular art of body paint. This Wednesday January 10, Ariana Throne will begin teaching her Intensive Body Paint and Performance Workshop.

The course will be held once a week from January 10th to April 11th. The whole experience culminates in a workshop-wide performance held inside House of Eternal Return.

What is Body Paint?

Body Paint as a practice looks to the human form as a complete canvas. The artist fully transforms the body with a new skin. Artists in the medium are employed in several ways from personal or professional photo shoots to live performance arts for a variety of settings.

Intensive Body Paint Workshop

What is the Workshop All About?

The workshop is a complete package course that teaches the fundamentals of body paint with the physical movement of the painted body to create a contemporary performance. While individuals learn to body paint, the workshop as a group will learn to plan a larger group performance  cooperatively.

Among other topics the class will explore: body paint techniques, body paint for environment, view-point theory and co-operative practices for performance.

Wednesdays will alternate between a focus on body paint and a focus on performative movement.

Do I Need My Own Materials?

Participants in the workshop have the cost of their materials covered through their tuition. Body Paint can be an expensive art for beginners to undertake. To make the workshop easier for beginners materials costs are covered. So anyone can explore the medium in an affordable way.

When Are Classes?

Workshops will be held every Wednesday night from 6-9. This is an adult class for artists 18 and up. The course can be paid for in six installments of $60 or with one payment of $360. A per class cost of $8.

Ariana Throne

Ariana Throne is an award winning body paint artists from Santa Fe. Throne had an early interest in stage make-up and came into body painting after traveling and modeling for artists. She has been a professional stage and fashion make-up artist for more than ten years and is now the owner/creator of Awkward Fox Body Paint. The mission of her company is to create full-body looks. Throne is pioneering in the field and draws on her years of experience in make-up art. Her personal style artistic leanings tend toward global culture and beauty found in nature.