. . . And Everything Nice with Pip & Pop
Sparkly rocks, hidden creatures, and iridescent fringe form a fantasy landscape in Australian artist Pip & Pop’s new installation at Meow Wolf. A miniature world of gooey mountains dripped with…
Meow Wolf Opens Entirely New Installations for 2019
Feb 5 by Alison Gamache
After weeks of renovations and new installations, Meow Wolf reopens with new worlds to experience. Visiting artists from Australia and Canada, as well as local favorites from New Mexico have…
Real to Reel: our story on screen
Dec 11 by Alison Gamache
Our documentary film chronicles our DIY story from the basement to the bowling alley to being in business.
Meow Files: Bill Dambrova
Jun 26 by Julia Goldberg
Phoenix artist Bill Dambrova is a visiting creator who contributed a mural in the House of Eternal Return. During his few short weeks of intensive painting last spring, he found some time to chat about his artistic practice and the process of creating large-scale work with Meow Wolf.
Ready for The King’s Mouth?
Apr 30 by Alison Gamache
This month a new immersive installation will be taking over part of our FLOAT bar + café area as the airplane departs for its next destination. Wayne Coyne’s acclaimed installation King's…
Meow Files: Cathy Laughlin, Lead Automation and Interactive Lighting Designer
Apr 13 by Alison Gamache
Cathy Laughlin is Meow Wolf’s lead Automation & Interactive Lighting Developer. Her main work for HoER was designing and programming the Show Controller which is the control system that allows…
Moving Membranes
Moving Membranes: Interactive Bodypaint Entertainment
Apr 11 by Meow Wolf
Bodypaint Week @ Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return On April 14th and 15th from 8-11pm Meow Wolf gives you 'Moving Membranes'. A student showcase of bodypaint and movement. Eight…
Record Breaker
Score Wars Record Setters, Galaga Champs and the Years to Come
Apr 6 by Christopher J
Score Wars, presented by Meow Wolf, has crashed its final ship for 2018. The victory was absolute and the earth stands defended from an alien presence once more. And while…
Timeworm, House of Eternal Return
Timeworm is House of Eternal Return’s Newest Portal, and It’s Beautiful!
Mar 19 by Meow Wolf
We’re guessing you’ve heard we’ve got a new portal. And, if you haven’t, you should know - we’ve got a new portal! The portal’s name is Timeworm and it sits…
Scott Hove's Cakeland @Meow Wolf
It’s Always A Good Time For Cakeland
Mar 12 by Meow Wolf
Meow Wolf’s 2018 House of Eternal Return annual update is massive! We haven't just expanded our Multiverse, we've blown it wide open. Maximal is more, and more is what we always…