Attention Shoppers: Omega Mart is coming to Las Vegas

You have no idea what’s in-store for you!

Announcing “Omega Mart” as the Meow Wolf Las Vegas exhibition at AREA15!

Just when you thought the grocery store couldn't get more surreal – the immersive experience Omega Mart will transport you to other realms. Photo by Kate Russell.

The secret is out: we’re opening Omega Mart, an immersive grocery store in Las Vegas, as our second permanent installation. Doors open early 2021. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce Alpha Products and Omega Savings to the fresh and unsuspecting customers of tomorrow!

Looking for Tattoo Chicken? Only at Omega Mart. Photo by Kate Russell.

The result of the work of hundreds of Meow Wolf artists, as well as more than 50+ collaborating artists from Las Vegas and all around the world, Omega Mart is not to be missed! Read about how we’re staying the course to bring Omega art and magic to Las Vegas in this feature from the LA Times.

Though Omega Mart at AREA15 is brand new, it has a far-reaching history. The first Omega Mart began in 2009 as a temporary installation back when Meow Wolf was still just a group of friends putting on DIY art shows. Originally conceived as an exploration of advertising and consumerism, Meow Wolf, in collaboration with nearly 1000 local public school kids, came up with a slew of unusual products then installed them in a supermarket-like experience in a strip mall in Santa Fe. Find out more about the original Omega Mart here.

Meow Wolf Omega Mart, July 2012, was a precursor of what’s to come for Meow Wolf’s Las Vegas exhibit. Photos by Lindsey Kennedy

Omega Mart at AREA15 takes this idea to the next level with 5,000 sq. feet of psychedelic shopping weirdness. But the quirky and bizarre world of the grocery superstore is just the beginning. With 47,000 more sq. feet left in the exhibit, well, let’s just say “You have no idea what’s in store.”

Did you catch this Omega Mart ad in Sunday's Las Vegas Review Journal? The original Omega Mart advertised in Santa Fe publications, bringing out shoppers for milk and eggs who were instead greeted by mystery meats and silly-named snacks.

“Our exhibit will bring storytelling alive through a hands-on experience of art. Collaborating artists local to Las Vegas and from around the world – plus our forged team of storytellers, fabricators, and artists in Santa Fe – are creating an unforgettable experience.” — Marsi Gray, Senior Creative Producer of Las Vegas

Camel's SOP, meal substitute, is just one of the many products inside Omega Mart that will have you doing a double-take. Photo by Kate Russell.

Omega Mart will be the anchor experience at AREA15, an experiential retail and entertainment complex that weaves together immersive experiences, themed events, art installations, restaurants, and more. In addition to Meow Wolf, AREA15 will host all kinds of experiences like location-based VR company Nomadic with their immersive “mixed reality” experiences, an aerial ride from Walltopia, a retail bazaar, and of course, a wedding chapel.

Omega Produce like Jazzercise Carrots and Impact Corn offer what no other grocery experience can. Don't forget a set of Baby Corn Drill Bits. Photo by Kate Russell.

Back in 2017, Meow Wolf created an installation at the “Art Motel” for the Life is Beautiful festival in downtown Las Vegas. That’s when we fell in love with Vegas and its thriving creative community of artists and performers. It’s also where we first collaborated with Spencer Olsen, the art director for our new exhibit. With a dedicated, thriving creative community, Vegas is the perfect place for us to launch our second home in early 2021.

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You have no idea what’s in-store for you! 

Omega Mart Facade photo by Michael Anthony deCesare.