Top 5 Reasons for a Summer Trip to the Original Meow Wolf

The top five reasons why a summer trip to the original Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM is an absolute must.

As summer rolls around, the sun casts its golden glow on our enchanting land and the road beckons us to adventure. For those looking for something a bit more otherworldly, Meow Wolf has become synonymous with fantastical summer journeys. It all started here, in the vibrant heart of the southwest: Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here are the top five reasons why a summer trip to the original Meow Wolf is an absolute must.

5. New installation by artist Jess Johnson

The entryway of the house inside Meow Wolf Santa Fe with lights on inside, welcoming new visitors.
All are welcome at House of Eternal Return. Photo by Kate Russell

Delve into the surreal landscapes crafted by New Zealand artist Jess Johnson in this latest installation at House of Eternal Return. Lose yourself in a whirlwind of intricate patterns, mind-bending visuals, and otherworldly narratives that blur the line between reality and fantasy. Opening late May 2024, this promises to be a kaleidoscope of creativity never to be forgotten. Meow Wolf regularly adds rooms from new artists to the exhibition so returning guests discover something unexpected every time. 

For a year, Jess Johnson has been residing in Roswell, New Mexico as part of the RAiR residency program, known as the "Gift of Time”. Johnson says this about her work, “Over the last decade, my drawings have documented an increasingly complex fictional world; they are meshworks of alien symbology, humanoid clones and messianic figures placed in voided architectural settings. My drawing practice feeds into installations and collaborations in animation, music, fashion, Virtual Reality, and textile art.”

One of Meow Wolf’s missions is to connect with the best creatives across every medium and throughout the world. Their exhibitions continue to grow, which allows them to prioritize artists and narratives from underrepresented and underserved communities, including emerging artists, DIY makers, women, people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, seniors, and people with disabilities. Diversity of expression is essential for the success of the exhibitions.

4. Nicolae’s Studio emerged from another dimension

A cluttered studio spaces with a futon and a desk with a small desk lamp shining over papers
Nicolae’s Studio contains hidden audio secrets. Photo by Kate Russell

Have you ever contemplated the qualities of sound as it pertains to nature, physics or even metaphysics? Meditate on the vibration of sound. Think of the esoteric audio effects nature has in the world. Where is the intersection between sound and silence? Discover the hidden audio secrets inside Nicolae's Studio. 

You can read Nicolae Pastore’s autobiography at His first interest in sound and its relation to the environment began when he was growing up in Kansas and his father gave him a viola. Once he met Piper Selig at a rave, his fate was set. Explore the provocative hidden audio secrets in an otherwise ramshackle-looking studio. It’s a vibrational experience not to be missed.

3. Rainbow Rainbow, where creativity knows no bounds

father and daughter working on a craft project at a table inside community space, Rainbow Rainbow
Meow Wolf Santa Fe's community space for creativity, Rainbow Rainbow. Photo by Kate Russell

Immerse yourself in the vibrant community hub known as Rainbow Rainbow. Here art, crafts, and exciting maker's space collide, offering a playground for creative souls to unleash their imagination and bring their wildest dreams to life. 

Rainbow Rainbow is a flexible art and event space that can hold up to 80 people with room for catering and beverage service. This colorful space is ideal for various uses including birthday parties, team building, meetings, art shows, workshops, and dinners. The possibilities are endless for those looking for private event space.

Rainbow Rainbow’s community calendar can range from free programming like “Make and Believe Time” every Friday to paid workshops on how to make Stained Glass or begin Silversmithing. Family-friendly fun can even feature local area humane societies who bring dogs so kids can read their favorite books to them. 

2. Characters from distant dimensions roaming around

The Worm looks through a window with a man and child inside Trash Temple.
A myriad of characters visit the House. Photo by Kate Russell

Encounter strange beings embarking on epic quests throughout House of Eternal Return. Walk with them as they discover the magic that thrives between portals and labyrinthine corridors.

Throughout Summer 2024, Meow Wolf characters can be seen inside the exhibit as well as out-and-about in Santa Fe. One of the most popular places to see them in Santa Fe is at the annual Monster Battle. This year’s family-friendly, monster costume dance party happens Friday, June 28 at the Santa Fe Railyard, the latest hotspot for entertainment, local markets and drinking and dining. 

Tourists and locals alike have experienced the weird and wonderful characters inside Meow Wolf Santa Fe, but the most out-of-this-world sightings happen at New Mexico’s best festivals and events. Take the incredibly popular Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, for example. Our interdimensional entry, Skyworm, attracts not only the sky-searching onlookers, it is controlled by several casts of characters including Alva, our interdimensional travel agent inside Portals Bermuda.  

Keep an eye out for these fun-loving art fiends and snap that photo for your social feeds!

1. The OG experience is in Santa Fe

Playfully curious and curiously playful patrons at Meow Wolf Santa Fe. Photo by Kate Russell

The original Meow Wolf - House of Eternal Return - stands as a testament to the philosophy of radically inclusive art. As the first of its kind, this iconic space invites searchers, art lovers and passionate humans far and wide to experience its unparalleled magic firsthand.

Santa Fe’s House of Eternal Return was the fist location and opened in 2016. Las Vegas has Omega Mart and Denver has Convergence Station, both opened in 2021. The latest exhibit opened in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Grapevine, The Real Unreal. And later in 2024, Meow Wolf will open the newest exhibit in Houston, Texas.

Meow Wolf started in 2008 as a small collective of Santa Fe artists sharing an interest in publicly displaying their works and developing their skills together. This collaborative approach blossomed into Meow Wolf's distinctive style of immersive, maximalist environments that encourage audience-driven experiences. Click here to watch the Origin Story of Meow Wolf.

Embrace the unknown and embark on a summer journey to the wonderland that is the original Meow Wolf. With each new installation, room, and community space, an adventure of infinite possibilities awaits.