Spring Break at Meow Wolf: What You Need to Know
It’s almost spring break! What better time to check out Meow Wolf Santa Fe’s recent upgrades, including installations from artists like Pip & Pop, and brand new narrative elements from…
New Mexico
An Invitation to Our New Mexico Legislators + Staff
Feb 28 by Meow Wolf
Thanks NM Legislators and Roundhouse Staff for all that you do for our communities!
Meow Wolf is Coming to Phoenix
Feb 22 by Meow Wolf
Meow Wolf is set for massive expansion this year with the opening of our second permanent location in Las Vegas,...
New Mexico
We Don’t Get Out Much: The Original Santa Fe Ghost Tour
Oct 29 by Meow Wolf
“We Don’t Get Out Much” follows writers Collin Stapleton and Michael Wilson as they throw away their “would rather not”...
Meow Wolf’s Kaleidoscape at Elitch Gardens
Aug 21 by Meow Wolf
Meow Wolf will be partnering with Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park, our new neighbor near Meow Wolf Denver, to...
Colorado Black Arts Festival
Jul 24 by Meow Wolf
Since 1986, the Colorado Black Arts Festival has provided a unique space to display various forms of rich and local...
David Loughridge Learning Center
Meow Wolf’s Summer Workshops!
May 24 by Meow Wolf
The David Loughridge Learning Center is your home for education and free-choice artmaking at Meow Wolf Santa Fe. Most days...
Moving Membranes
Moving Membranes: Interactive Bodypaint Entertainment
Apr 10 by Meow Wolf
Bodypaint Week @ Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return On April 14th and 15th from 8-11pm Meow Wolf gives you...
Timeworm, House of Eternal Return
Timeworm is House of Eternal Return’s Newest Portal, and It’s Beautiful!
Mar 18 by Meow Wolf
We’re guessing you’ve heard we’ve got a new portal. And, if you haven’t, you should know - we’ve got a...
Scott Hove's Cakeland @Meow Wolf
It’s Always A Good Time For Cakeland
Mar 11 by Meow Wolf
Meow Wolf’s 2018 House of Eternal Return annual update is massive! We haven't just expanded our Multiverse, we've blown it wide...